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Valentines Fuckery

2/7/13 by DarkArtisan

So I'm spending an extended period of time over the next few days refining a drawing I did of my girlfriend and me as simple cartoons. Sketched it up in PS Elements, threw it to Flash CS4 then exported it back to Elements for some colour and shading. Haven't done the Shading yet but you can check out the Crisp-ish Lineart and colour right here VVVV

Valentines Fuckery


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Looking nice buddy, can't wait to see it finished :)

2/7/13 DarkArtisan responds:

Thanks man, only thing is, I suck a complete dick at shading. But I'll give it a go I think. Either that or I'll leave it as the flat colours and put it on the love heart background that I made for it.