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Entry #17

KickStarting "Service With a Smile" Part 1

3/26/13 by DarkArtisan

So for a while I've been playing with this idea of doing a comic book project. I wanted it to be based off of an experience I had on Christmas eve just gone.

I was held up at my job by a drug addict wearing a stocking over her face and brandishing a knife and a syringe filled with blood. Pretty big turning point in my life actually. I started getting on top of shit after that, working more and trying to fund something I love, like this comic book idea.

It got to a point where I decided that I wanted the comic to be almost like a revenge fantasy based on that event.It's major details like names and places are going to be different, and the story itself is going to differ HUGELY after the initial points of the hold up etc, but the story will outline how I felt when it happened and then branch off into some other story points which I don't really want to divulge as of yet.

Why Kickstarter?

Well, to be plain and simple, I don't have the money to fund something like this. Even with my job, I rarely have money left at the end of the week for anyting other than food and I need a new computer and probably a better graphics tablet to be able to produce high quality art at a high production rate, which I just can't afford right now.

I haven't kickstarted it quite yet but when I do one of the top rewards will be "Having yourself drawn into the comic as one of the secondary characters" or "Having one of the major characters be modelled on you". I think that's something people can get in to, but we'll see how it goes. I mean, even if I only make like 20 dollars that's still more than I had to fund this project to start with.


KickStarting "Service With a Smile" Part 1


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